Sunday, December 18, 2011

He finally knows when to fucking pay attention to someone

Praise the fucking lord.

Oh. Wait.
Don't have much time to explain, we have to get going soon.

Kristal and Daren are on the blog now. All of her posts from can be found here.

Daren was right.

I can't believe I would ever say that.

I must seem so insane right now. Fuck.

I promise things will get explained by one of us when things calm down for a bit.

Just. Genesis. Jennah. Jennahsis. Needlegirl.

It was her.

Oh god it was her. He knew. We didn't.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

There was a

Red-headed guy following me around when I went out shopping today. He just watched me.

And he made himself clear he was following me around. What is he trying to do?

Don't want to say anything to Ray.

I'm kind of scared. time I go out I'm bringing someone with me.

I hope Jennah gets home soon. Ray said he wanted to meet her...and the place will be a lot nicer with three people.

I'm going to go make some hot chocolate and try to forget about today.

What a creep.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I knew it was too good to be true

Look at Elaine's comment.

From what I've seen from her posts she seems to not really understand what's going on.

She thinks this is a story. The whole thing is a story.

It needs to stay that way.

I made an agreement with her that I'll stay until her roommate (Jennah, I guess) gets back. Until then I'm watching to see what's happening here, because something is going on.

What interests me the most is the gap in her posts between July and September, and the sudden personality change after her resurface. But what changed? It looks like she has something messing with her. The whole thing seems odd.

She has to be connected to everything somehow. She just doesn't know.

So I'm staying until Jennah comes back. I have questions that need answers.

I saw Daren again the other day. He tried to get my attention. He mouthed something at me, but I left before he could get closer.

Daren. I know you're reading this. Now. I'll say this again. Leave me alone. At least until this is over. I know you have the whole "hurt-everyone" philosophy but I know you're not working for Him. You're still one of us, in a twisted sense. Respect that.

I declare this area Switzerland. Neutral grounds. Deal with it until this is blown over. Capiche?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not alone anymore!

Hey guys! :3

I'll try to keep the atmosphere as light as possible. Hehe. A lot of stories either ended or took a turn for the worse's kind of sad. I really liked some of the characters. Michael, Konaa, Lucas, Joel...I mean, they're not real, but it's still kind of sad seeing them go. Someone you've been watching just suddenly disappears.

Oh, gee. I'm rambling again >< I get connected to people, fictional or not. Sorry...

Jennah told me last Wednesday that she had to leave again, but I managed to convince her to stay for Thanksgiving! :3

...not totally sure how we were supposed to spend it, to be honest, but we ate turkey and all, so I think we did it right. (Jennah seemed really awkward about it. I wonder if she ever celebrated it when she was little...)

So she had to leave again Friday. D: I spent the past week moping around by myself. The place gets really creepy when you're by yourself...>.<;;; but it's okay though!

Today I went out to go get coffee (oh my god, cappuccinos are so good. @.@ like...all foamy and creamy and I had like...5 today but I want another one.) and when I was leaving the store, I noticed a kid laying in the street. He had black hair all messed up and sticking out in areas, and there were streaks of dirt running along his face. (I'll admit, it was kind of cute. Like...when a little kid goes out to play in the mud and comes back in covered in dirt cute. Maybe he was playing in the mud? Hehe), and he had these green eyes that were just kind of...stood out. Like he had been through Hell and back and was about to go back in for another round.

So naturally, I walked up to him. I guess he thought I was going to give him money? He looked at me for a second and when he realized I didn't have anything in my hands, he just growled, "what is it?".

I told him about my little situation, and how I wouldn't mind having a guest stay at the apartment. He could get cleaned up and spend his time comfortably until he figures out what he needs to do, and asked if he wanted to come.

(I know. I know. Stranger danger 101. But this kid has something to him. I can trust him. And I feel like he needs to be around somebody right now. He looks so lonely...)

He hesitated, but agreed. That was this morning. Right now he's sitting across the room from me on our other laptop, and something's on the TV. I think it's ESPN? He said using it as background noise soothes him. Heh. Alright then.

Oh, I haven't mentioned his name yet, have I? He said it was Raymond. But most people call him Ray.

Maybe this place won't be so creepy anymore. ^^