Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Everything Went Up In Flames (Part 1)

8/14/11 - Finally done. This thing is going up so I don't have to think about it again.
8/21/11 - In my rush to put this up I accidentally clicked "Save Now" instead of "Publish". So here you go.
8/21/11 - EDIT: Apparently the end part didn't get saved? I'll rewrite it and put it up later. Tonight, hopefully.

I'm putting this up. This needs to go up. I don't want it to go up, though. But it has to. So I'll try to suck it up and post up this monster. I don't know how long it will take me though. I can't dwell on the memory for too long. It hurts. It's something I hope I can forgot.

Ironically me talking about not dwelling on the memories is making me focus on them. Oh well. Let's just get this started. The sooner this is over, the sooner I can -- hm, not actually sure what I can do once this is out.

So I last left off at looking for Emma. I hope you all remember her, and my crisis didn't take the attention away from her. It really doesn't matter now, I'll get to her later. You don't need to worry about her. (Which I'm sure you're not. This is all some thing to keep you entertained, right? Reading this just lets you guys forget all your problems, even if it's just for a few minutes-- I'm getting off topic. I'll save my rant for later. Otherwise we'll be here all day, and I just know you don't want that to -- okay, okay. Moving on.)

Yeah. Something I was originally afraid to put up on this post was actually meeting Daren for the first time. He acted differently in public then he did when it was just the two of us. When he was in front of everyone else he acted punk like, but was still civilized and such. When we where alone he snapped. I had no idea who he was, and I was pretty much kept in the dark until that god damn conversation on the audio tape. You know, the one where Lucian promised to put it up then didn't put up the whole thing to save his ass? Yeah, that one.I was kept completely in the dark. I thought that this was the creep who kidnapped Emma, (and possibly killed her), and he was planning to do this to me as well. I originally assumed he had no connection to Lucian, no connection to Mr. No Face, but of course everything's connected back to that monstrosity. I really should have expected it. Ignorance isn't always a blessing.

After we split into a group of two Monday night he led me into the woods and put a knife up against my throat. He laughed, then whispered into my ear "If you can't forget about that brat, you're dead." I assumed he meant Emma. I had no idea that by brat he meant Lucian. How was I supposed to know? So trying to figure out how to get out of the position I was in, I just said okay, and he left. Or at least, he looked like he was about to. He then suddenly whipped around, and added on to his list of vague demands with "Oh yeah, you better forget that piece of shit you call a blog as well. If I see you updating it, you're dead." Okay. That one wasn't as vague. If you had just had a knife pressed to your throat you would have also been dazed, admit it. I simply nodded, and left as quick as I could.

I wrote this when I got back. I didn't mean to publish it, though, it was supposed to be a draft. Seeing that it was out there on the web, I tried to edit what it originally said into a "real update tomorrow" type thing you see some people do. In my head, though, I was just going "imdeadimdeadimdeadimdead". So I wrote this, leaving out those important details hoping it would save my ass. No such luck, as all of you are aware.

I spent the next day out of the house and moving around, trying not to stay in one area for too long. After I thought I was in the all clear, something knocked me out from behind. (Remember, folks. If you're hiding from a psychopathic slenderstalked, try to stay around a lot of people. It helps.) The next memory I have is what happened in these posts. I learned Daren was the figure I saw the night that I first saw Mr. Pale in the fog. Which means he's been here the whole time. The thing is, he's not a proxy. The fact that another Stalked is out there killing others without being affiliated with Slendy baffles me.

In retrospect, I guess it makes sense. Killing off other Stalked to buy yourself more time to continue to live. It's just not rational reasoning. He said so himself that he has nothing to live for now. He needs help more then anyone, but he's too blind to see it. He needs to calm down. I think after spending a week berated by the guy, I'm allowed to give my opinion. He's lonely. He doesn't want to admit it, though. So now he's trying to literally cut off everything that has that's related to someone else. He's trying to get Lucian to suffer from the same pain, and I'm the target. Yay? Not really. Anyway, I don't have time to be Mr. Psychological Disorder Diagnoser or whatever.

There's not much else to say. I spent the next week and a half drifting in between reality and dream land. I think he had me drugged on something, either that or my brain couldn't handle the state my body was in. There's something fishy behind that by itself, and I'll get to that later. I just...I healed a lot faster then I should have from when I got "rescued" per say to getting to the hospital.

EDIT: Alright, so, I don't know if this is blogger fucking with me or what, but the last part of this post that went into detail about my week while I was being held hostage is gone. I'm going to try and get it up later today. If not tonight, some time this week. I know you little buggers will be looking forward to it.