Friday, June 10, 2011


I, ah, said that part of the tape was screwed up. That...that's not true. I lied. I didn't want to put it up...

Agh. Um...okay. This...this is really personal. I didn't want anyone to know this. I...was horrified that Ray was told...

Oh god, Ray. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

D: Yeah, as if I'll answer your questions. Nice try, apeshit. should know your friend's history. Especially with me. It's his damn fault. His fault for everything.

: What do you mean 'his fault'. What did Lucian do?

D: It's his goddamn fault for everything. EVERYTHING.

R: You keep saying th

D: Shut the fuck up.

R: ...uhh

D: He...he killed Tanya...

R: ...wha?

D: Tanya was my world. She was everything to me...Then that bastard killed her.

R: Look, Daren. Calm down.

D: SHUT UP. (there's a loud thud.)

D: Tanya was everything to me. Do you know what it's like to suddenly feel like a part of you got ripped out, taken away forever?


D: It's the worst goddamn feeling in the world. There's nothing there. You suddenly feel like you're empty inside.

R:'re...calm down. You're getting hysterical.

D: FUCKING SHUT UP. (there's heavy breathing, and then about 30 seconds of silence.)

D: I'm doing what I have to do. I'm making sure she can rest in peace.

R: W...what?

D: For every person I kill...she's closer to being at peace...

R: A...and this is why you want Lucian?

D: Of course. It only makes sense. But he can't die. Not yet. He has to be tortured. Like I was. Only when he's gone through the madness I'll kill him.

D: I got to thank you though, apeshit. I didn't think he talked with anyone. Every time I ran into him he would mutter about how he can't get close to anyone.

R: God damn...that's what he...that's what he meant.

D: So this is a test. If he actually cares about your life, he'll come after you. If not...well, you better hope you lived a good life. You know, before he came into it.

I...I didn't...his memory of's warped.

Daren, i....if there's any chance....

No, forget it. I don't...I don't know you anymore.

Ray, I'm coming after you. As soon as this goes up, I'm finding you.

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