Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Internet's been cutting out a lot lately. I think it's because of the heat, but I'm not 100% sure.

I really need to update you guys about what happened today. But I can't type everything out on my phone.

I'll need to try and snag a computer at the library tomorrow and get a real update up.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Okay, doing nothing but just lounging around this place while everyone’s at work is extremely boring.

I’ve been going around the internet trying to figure out what's going on. At times, though, the screen just locks up. It's very irritating. I've had the computer shut down after letting out this loud noise too. It's overheating, I guess. I don't know. What do I know?

I’d go out, but I would get lost. I don’t know my way around. I think there’s a lake outside. Jennah said it was built for the apartment complex, but we have to pay for it. Why would we pay for a lake? That seems ridiculous. Especially one that the whole complex pays for…

Doc. I haven’t heard from you since I made this. You are reading this, aren’t you? I’d find it a waste of time if the person who told me to write this isn’t keeping up.

Nothing has happened; and everything’s been going by really slowly. I need something to do. I need to know what I used to do. Just anything that would stop the emptiness in my brain from being extremely noticeable.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Okay, so before I begin, I just wanted to say that M (of The Tutorial) had come into a chat room. It was called...I actually don't remember, something rabbit related. It was a chat room to discuss another series, if I know right. Lucian and I had watched him under his name. (his post is here if you haven't seen it.) No one recognized us. Not sure if that's good or bad. I'll go with the former for now. (M, if there's any chance you're reading this: thanks for the help you've posted up.)


We got another missing person. This time it's a 7 year old. Her name is Emma. I feel so bad right now...

She disappeared Thursday night, but her mom didn't report her missing until yesterday. They went out for a walk along the park road, and good ol' Momma turned around for a second to light up a cigarette. She turned around again to find Emma gone, the stuffed raccoon doll she carried around laying on the ground a few feet away.

I may seem like I'm cracking jokes about this, but it's heartbreaking. I used to babysit Emma when she was really little. I had to stop last year because school needed more of my attention. She's the most adorable little tyke I've ever had the pleasure of running into. And she's inseparable from that doll. She wouldn't leave it behind to wander off somewhere...

I've had enough of this. I went down to the police station and got them to agree with me to set up a couple of search parties around the town. We meet up for the first time tomorrow. Well, by 'we' I mean me and anyone who has a heart. I'm hoping a lot of people show up. Emma was a pretty popular kid. Ha..I'll post up if anything interesting happens. By god I hope she's fine. Although this may not be connected to what we're in. It could just be a human abductor. But what if it's not? I'm not ready to find Emma in the same condition as that other cor

Okay, not thinking about that. Sorry, that just disturbs me on a level no one wants to experience.

To turn the conversation around a bit, I'm still hunting around for that guy who got onto my account a week back. Still no leads, but I've been camped out in front of every major (I'm using that word lightly) area in the town. Nothing. I don't know who that was, or if I'll ever 'see' them again. I've decided that my search needs to take a backseat to more important matters.

Now. Here's to finding Emma alive and fine.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



My name is Kristal, and I’m an amnesiac.

Well, that’s what my doctor told me.

I don’t know who I am. I was told I had hit my head two years ago and suffered brain damage. I was in a coma for a year and a half, and six months ago I woke up without the slightest clue on who I am.

I was told I was “making good enough progress to be released from the hospital,” and that one of my "‘friends’ would let me live in her apartment." Her name is Jennah. I was also told to make an online journal so my doctor can keep track of what I’m doing.

I named it “Mind’s Prison” as a reference to my situation. My memories are jailed up somewhere inside my head. I’ve been told my sarcastic nature hasn’t left me. Sarcasm is good, right?

Okay, so, if you’re reading this Doc, I made my journal, and I emailed you the link. You should have gotten this if you’re reading it now.

I just returned to the apartment, and Jennah is being extremely nice. That’s all that’s really happening. I can't tell if she's just trying to hard, or if this is really her personality.

Oops. I shouldn't be insulting the person who's supposed to be my best friend.

Well, I guess that's really it. I don't know what else you want, Doc.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Okay. Didn't run into anyone suspicious. I'm about to leave.

I'm making sure I log out this time.

Bein' Creeped On

Call me paranoid but I'm on a stakeout.

And I know you're watching this. I just don't know who the fuck you are.

How did you get on so fast? I would have seen someone....

Okay, didn't mean to write out my thoughts. Sorry.

I'm currently back...here. Since I only had access to one laptop I'd do my work on one of the library computers. I've been sitting in the corner so no one sees what I'm looking at...and so I'm able to see everyone come in and out.

I literally had just set this down, checked out, and left the library in all but a minute. I then get a text saying that a post went up.

I went back in, saying that I think I forgot to log out of something. I went back to the laptop, and saw that thing put up, along with a sticky note that said

“Bet you can't wait for the sequel. <3”

Is this...what are they called. A proxy? A person helping out that Slenderfreak? Or is it someone trying to mess with me...

Fuck. I think I see someone watching me. He's coming over here...really slowly. This guy's pretty old, I'd say about 60....65 ish. Was this him? Was this th

Nevermind. He was just asking where the bathroom was.

Okay, I'm going to try and shrug this off and get back to work. I'll post something up again later.


Um. Hey guys.

Ray's been trying to figure out who got into his account on Friday. For some reason, it's really bugging him.

According to him, he had left the library at about 6:40, and he was pretty sure he logged out of his account. Soooo....that means that whomever got into the account managed to put that up almost immediately after he got up to leave.

He hasn't been telling me much about what's going on with that. He's been camped out on a library computer for the past two days, waiting to see if he can notice anyone suspicious.

Me, on the other hand? I'm researching this creep. Um. Slenderman. Him. Whatever you call him. I never had associated a name with him until now. A name makes him..(is it supposed to be Him?) seem more human. Which he's not. But, you know. Whatever.

I've been going through my half of the list of material related to this guy. It's horrifying to see that some people didn't make it out of this alive. It's also reassuring to see that some people are. (Zeke Strahm's a badass. I couldn't imagine being able to pull off what he did.) But...I don't know. How many of these stories are real? How many of these are just stories, people wanting to get attention? (And how many of those resulted in them actually being stalked by Him?)

I don't know how Ray's parents haven't noticed the fact that there's another person living up in his room. But...what's the saying? Don't count your blessings? I don't know. All I know is I'm glad he can put up with me. As long as I can be coherent, I need to be able to help. When that...ringing starts up in my head again I can't focus on anything.

It is torture not being able to hold onto a thought for more than five seconds. He knows that. He enjoys seeing me suffer. This is all a fucking game to him.

Okay, cutting myself off before I go into a rant. I've given up on hoping you readers would delete this site from your history. I've also figured that if you're reading this, you already know about Him. So...I'm not responsible for any repercussions. Sorry, but I don't need the extra weight on my shoulders. I wish you the best of luck if this happens to you as well. But....don't blame me.

Okay, internet. I need to get back to finishing this list. I don't know if you want the notes put up here...I'm sure anything I'm going through you all have already read.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Two stars shine through the night sky
One brighter then the other.
As time moves on, one blinks out,
Leaving the last to fight alone.
The last star turns to the eternal darkness,
Sinking into the depths of the unknown.
Without uncontrollable power and anger,
the last star destroys all around it.
Becoming a black hole, it absorbs all.
Where no one can escape.

Next time you're in a public library, brat, don't leave your account logged in. There are people out there you don't want to have the fortune of getting access to you.

Now, we don't want that happening, do we?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well. I came downstairs and realized today was my birthday.

All the streamers and balloons were a really good tip off. I didn’t even realize we were in the month of May. Surprise?

My parent’s still don’t know Lucian’s been in my room for the past week and a half now. I don’t know how they don’t notice more food is disappearing, but until we get caught, y’know, whatever.

I’ve been reading through the comments on my latest entry. I pulled up a list of things to read/watch, and Lucian and I are going to split it up and take notes. When we’re done we’ll post up what we found here.

Oh yeah. We’re not splitting up. There’s safety in numbers. I don’t care if some faceless tall guy that belongs in some horror movie is following us.

Friday, May 13, 2011


That doesn’t answer a lot, but it helps. Thanks, Lucian.

So…neither one of us know a lot about this thing. From reading through the comments I saw that someone said Lucian wasn’t the only one to have this happen to him.

There are others out there? We’re not alone in this battle right now? That thought by itself is enough to make my hands stop shaking from nerves.

I’m asking anyone who knows anything about this. Please, please try to help us figure out what this thing is. What it’s after. Why it’s after what it’s after. How it was created. When it was created…born…hatched. Where it came from, and how it’s as powerful as it is. How does it choose people to target? Anything. Besides Lucian’s experience, we’re both in the dark. Shed some light for us.

I’m reaching out to anyone. If we want to survive, we need to be on the upper hand.

Better yet, we need to find out how to kill this thing, tie and all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Know

Ray told me to type everything out. Yes, I’m speaking coherently. Don’t look so surprised. That...behavior isn’t always around.

This man that’s been following me around…I don’t know what it is. I know what it’s not, though, and that’s human. No Homo freaking sapien. No, there’s no way it’s that.

I've said this before, I'll say it now. You don’t want to get mixed in with this. There are some things that should never be experienced.

Ray’s been yelling at me to spit it out. He doesn’t know any of this either, he wants me to publish it all at once so I can’t suddenly deny it ever happening. Which I can’t really do right now, can I? He flat out told you all everything that happened that night. I was a witness to everything there. The initial victim, but a witness nonetheless.

I…don’t know how long this thing has existed. All I can say is how long it’s been chasing me. Five long, painful years. I…I’m not ready to tell everything. Not yet. I can say what I know it’s capable of, though, though it’s probably not a good trade. Sorry, Ray. I know how you’ve been wanting answers for the past month. Please be patient with me, you don’t understand.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to think this clearly, though, and I don’t want to be thinking of that. If there’s anyone else out there, I’m sure they understand. Oh god. This sounds really cynical, but please let there be someone else out there experiencing this. I don’t want to be alone.

Okay. Okay. Back to the point.

So. This guy. This…faceless tall man in a suit. I have no idea what to call it, I’ve just been referring to “it”, “that thing”, occasionally “him”. Whatever it is, it isn’t supposed to coexist with us. I can guarantee you that. The fact that I got knocked into a 5 day coma says that. The fact it made Ray go flying backwards with no physical movement also says this.

So where did it come from? I don’t know, and besides Ray, I’ve never had anyone else who could see it. Not that I make much human contact…in case I accidentally drag someone in. My bouts of insanity help drive off people. I don’t get why I didn’t scare him away.

God damn it. Sorry, I’ll try to wrap this up.

It has tentacles. Like…an octopus. Those things hurt like a bitch as well; I’ve experienced the feeling of them once and I hope I never have to again.

It also seems to have psychokinetic powers of some kind. At least, that’s what I’m guessing. Most people can’t make people go flying backwards without moving a muscle. It can’t take control of me the way it did without them.

So if this thing has any psycho kinetic powers. It must be an intelligent creature, right? Or at least have a brain capacity big enough to be one. So it knows what it’s doing.

There’s one thing that gets me though; why mist? Almost every time I’ve had a run in with this thing I’ve experienced mist. Sometimes a larger amount of it. I’ve tried to figure out why that happens, but I’ve had no luck.

Oh yeah, Ray. In case you haven’t managed to put this together? That thing. That’s what’s been taking those kids. The four from your school and the two sex pigs. The body we…you found? Yeah, that’s what it does. I don’t know why. It just leaves corpses like that. I’m thinking it’s some sort of ritual practice or a way to get energy.

So that bugs me. There are six people missing. One body has been discovered. Zero have been publicly announced. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen. Can the police not find the corpses? The only way I know if a body pops up is if I go and look for it. Unfortunately, sometimes I get like the way I did during our last expedition. The thing using me to lure you to the clearing. Yeah, that doesn’t help either one of us..

I don’t know a lot. I can’t spend too much time trying to think about this guy either; the more I concentrate on something, the louder the ringing is. The louder the ringing is, the crazier I act and the harder it is for me to finish a thought. Let alone type it out.

Oh god. The noise…I don’t know how it started. But it gets worse every time I have a run in with that thing.

I need to go sleep.

I’m sorry for dragging you into this, Ray.

I'm sorry for everything.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updates (Again)

Lucian finally woke up. The first thing he asked me? “How much do you remember?”

I told him I remembered everything, and his face just went pale. Well, paler then normal.

I demanded answers. He finally agreed, and he said he’d tell me as much as he can once he can sort it all out himself.

I hope I’m finally getting somewhere.

Friday, May 6, 2011


My head's finally clear enough to write and post this. God knows what happened.

So Lucian kept his word and met me Thursday night, he was waiting at a park bench. Something was different about him, though. I couldn't place my finger on it. When he spoke I realized that his words weren’t running together, and he wasn’t mumbling to himself about god knows what. There were two words that broke the silence.

“I’m sorry,” he had said. I just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“What for?”

“You know. Everything.” A solemn look spread across his face and he looked at me in the eye for the first time. I realized his body language was different. He wasn’t bent over protectively, his eyes weren’t darting around every second in what I would assume be fear. He was actually concentrating on something. When he didn’t continue, I just prodded him again.

“So you’re saying all this is your fault? Do you know that in the week you were hiding from the world, two more kids disappeared?”

Horror crept back into his eyes. “W…what?” was all he mustered, his head bowing down in defeat.

“Yeah, they were taken during a hike. The two lovebirds decided that they needed to ‘relieve some tension’, and bam. Gone.” I tried to play it off as casually as I could, looking for any signs that Lucian had any idea of what I was talking about. He didn’t, and he was just shaking his head.

“This is my fault…” he groaned, and slumped back into the bench.

“Okay, you keep saying that. What is your fault? What is your connection to everything that’s going on?” I was starting to get frustrated. “And why, all of the sudden are you able to talk regularly? What the fuck happened this past week? People just don’t change that fast!” I had to control my voice so no one else would hear. He then said something softly. “What?” I asked.

“The ringing stopped.” He said again, acting like this “ringing” was just something that was a normal part of life.

“Okay. Whatever that means, whoop-de-doo, good for you. You’re still avoiding my questions.” I was clawing at my jeans, waiting for any information. “You don’t really want to take the blame for all of this, do you? Everything that’s happened this past month, it’s ‘your’ fault? Come on man, I need answers.” I was beginning to plead with him, hoping he’d say something that will help. He just shook his head

“I can’t tell you. No one else can get involved. He’ll come aft-“ I cut him off.

Him? Someone is after you! Who is he? What does he look like?” I rattled off questions.

“Ray. Stop. Please don’t ask. You don’t want to know.” He looked me in the eye again, and it was as if all the pain he’s been going through suddenly flowed into me. I gasped sharply, but I tried to not let him see it.

“You are not making this easy. We found a body. The police aren’t telling us anything. Can you stop this?” Lucian shook his head again, looked up, and gasped. It was then I noticed the mist had begun to start again. “What the fuck,” was all I managed to say before he shot up.

RUN!” he shouted, and bolted, and I took off after him. We had been going for about ten minutes before Lucian finally stopped. The mist was still surrounding everything, and it seemed like it was getting thicker and thicker. It was then when I saw something or someone move. I tried to get Lucian’s attention.

“Dude, I don’t want to sound like a cliché horror story, but we’re not alone.” I whispered, and he just curled his hands into fists.

“This is why I didn’t want anyone to know. This is why I was alone. This is why….this is why…” he started rambling to himself, and started scratching his face.

“What? You’re overreacting. I’m sure someone else decided to randomly run off as well. No big deal.” I shrugged again, and waited for a reaction.

“Ray. Please. Get out of here” he faintly whispered, and started looking around. “You don’t want to be around when it…he shows up.” I cocked an eyebrow.

“You need sleep, and by the bags under your eyes I would assume you’ve been going without it for the past couple of days.”

“Try weeks. Now go.” He firmly stated, and I shook my head.

“You know what? No. You told me to come here. You’re the one rambling about how it’s your fault. You’re the one this is all connected to. Dude. Tell me what the fuck is going on here. No one can help you until you can.”

“God dammit. No one can help me. Not you. Not the police. Not anyone. You’ll just get yourself killed. Please, Ray. I’m begging you. Go.” He pleaded, and I was taken aback by the tone in his voice.

“Lucian…” I said before he started backing away, his eyes growing in terror.

“No. No. No. Please wait. Not now. Stop. Stop stop stop.” He started rambling, which sort of weirded me out.

Turning around to look at whatever Lucian had been taken aback by, I was greeted with a horror. No, that's an understatement. I have no words to describe this thing. It was…human...but it wasn’t. It had the shape to look like one, but people don’t bend like that. It’s not natural. He was unnaturally tall, I’d have to guess he was nine or ten feet tall. I went to look at him in the face…except there was none. And I don’t mean he didn’t have eyes or anything, it was just blank. No indention for where his eyes should be, no nothing. It was actually painful to look at, since my head kept on looking for something to identify it with. There was nothing. It couldn’t register anything. The real kicker, though? This thing was wearing a business suit. Black vest, white shirt, black pants, black tie. The whole shtick. Whatever this was, it was basically shouting “I should not exist.”

I'm downplaying it. I wasn't nearly as calm then as I am now. I was fucking horrified. I had yelled loud enough to hear my voice echo as I backed away. I looked for a stick, anything, anything to fend off this thing.

“It’s…too late. Too late. Too late. Why. Why. Why?” Lucian looked at me. “Run, Ray. Run as fast as you can. You can still have a chance…maybe. He might feel gracious” he mumbled right before he just passed out. Straight onto the floor. No warning, nothing.

“Who the fuck are you?” I just asked the newcomer. No response. All I got was something that creeped me out even more. Tentacles. Loooong tentacles. Temporarily backing away again, I reached into my pocket, flipped open my pocketknife, and charged. This thing needed to be killed. Here and now. I went to thrust my knife into this thing, when all of the sudden I went flying back, my face being smashed into the ground.

The creep didn’t even move. How the hell did I get flung back like that? I wiped the blood dripping from my lip and nose away, I saw that the mist started to get extremely thick, and this thing was getting closer. I went to pick Lucian up off the ground, and I took off. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone watching us. I couldn’t tell who, though. The mist made it just barely visible enough to catch an outline. Whatever, I was already taking care of one person; I couldn’t help this guy too.

The whole encounter feels surreal. The only thing that’s reminding me of it actually happening is an unconscious Lucian on the couch in my room. My parents don’t know anything about this yet, but when/if they find out Lucian’s in my room I don’t know what to tell them.

I need answers. Right now I just have more questions. What the fuck was that thing? How is Lucian connected to this? Did I really see someone else? Did I just imagine that?

I’m expecting to finally get answers once my ole’ pal wakes up.
Well, shit. I didn't expect that to happen.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, guess who popped back up on the radar.

After Lucian’s post Saturday  night, he (at least, I’m assuming it’s him) left a note on the outside of my window saying to meet him back at the park on Thursday evening. He said he should be “able to think straight by then.” He mentioned something about suffering from sound induced migraines, which I don’t really know too much about. Whatever, this is my only lead right now.

As nervous as I am about taking meeting him again, I need to take it. I’m not stupid enough to go unarmed, but I need to be able to have him trust me. I don’t like the fact that I’ve been having to keep all my suspicion on him, I honestly think he’s not doing it. If he is, he’s not willingly. The Lucian I know hates hurting people.

Still, I’m wondering how much I can do with this. If I get to talk to Lucian, and he can explain to the police what’s going on, can we find everyone else? Are the cops just going to laugh and tell us not to meddle in ‘adult affairs’? I have no proof that we found a body. I have no proof Lucian has a connection, to them this is all speculation. Hell, to me this is mostly speculation as well. Those cop cars are gone from the woods, but they’ve made no statement saying they found a body.

I would like to go to the forest again tomorrow, but I probably shouldn’t. Not by myself, at least. There’s just…something going on there. There’s something there that’s disrupting everything. There’s something there that’s telling me to check again. Yet I feel like it could probably be the worst choice to make…

Should I go out and check again? Should I just wait until Lucian comes back?

Why do I feel the need to be such a big part in this…