Sunday, May 22, 2011


Um. Hey guys.

Ray's been trying to figure out who got into his account on Friday. For some reason, it's really bugging him.

According to him, he had left the library at about 6:40, and he was pretty sure he logged out of his account. Soooo....that means that whomever got into the account managed to put that up almost immediately after he got up to leave.

He hasn't been telling me much about what's going on with that. He's been camped out on a library computer for the past two days, waiting to see if he can notice anyone suspicious.

Me, on the other hand? I'm researching this creep. Um. Slenderman. Him. Whatever you call him. I never had associated a name with him until now. A name makes him..(is it supposed to be Him?) seem more human. Which he's not. But, you know. Whatever.

I've been going through my half of the list of material related to this guy. It's horrifying to see that some people didn't make it out of this alive. It's also reassuring to see that some people are. (Zeke Strahm's a badass. I couldn't imagine being able to pull off what he did.) But...I don't know. How many of these stories are real? How many of these are just stories, people wanting to get attention? (And how many of those resulted in them actually being stalked by Him?)

I don't know how Ray's parents haven't noticed the fact that there's another person living up in his room. But...what's the saying? Don't count your blessings? I don't know. All I know is I'm glad he can put up with me. As long as I can be coherent, I need to be able to help. When that...ringing starts up in my head again I can't focus on anything.

It is torture not being able to hold onto a thought for more than five seconds. He knows that. He enjoys seeing me suffer. This is all a fucking game to him.

Okay, cutting myself off before I go into a rant. I've given up on hoping you readers would delete this site from your history. I've also figured that if you're reading this, you already know about Him. So...I'm not responsible for any repercussions. Sorry, but I don't need the extra weight on my shoulders. I wish you the best of luck if this happens to you as well. But....don't blame me.

Okay, internet. I need to get back to finishing this list. I don't know if you want the notes put up here...I'm sure anything I'm going through you all have already read.

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