Sunday, May 29, 2011


Okay, so before I begin, I just wanted to say that M (of The Tutorial) had come into a chat room. It was called...I actually don't remember, something rabbit related. It was a chat room to discuss another series, if I know right. Lucian and I had watched him under his name. (his post is here if you haven't seen it.) No one recognized us. Not sure if that's good or bad. I'll go with the former for now. (M, if there's any chance you're reading this: thanks for the help you've posted up.)


We got another missing person. This time it's a 7 year old. Her name is Emma. I feel so bad right now...

She disappeared Thursday night, but her mom didn't report her missing until yesterday. They went out for a walk along the park road, and good ol' Momma turned around for a second to light up a cigarette. She turned around again to find Emma gone, the stuffed raccoon doll she carried around laying on the ground a few feet away.

I may seem like I'm cracking jokes about this, but it's heartbreaking. I used to babysit Emma when she was really little. I had to stop last year because school needed more of my attention. She's the most adorable little tyke I've ever had the pleasure of running into. And she's inseparable from that doll. She wouldn't leave it behind to wander off somewhere...

I've had enough of this. I went down to the police station and got them to agree with me to set up a couple of search parties around the town. We meet up for the first time tomorrow. Well, by 'we' I mean me and anyone who has a heart. I'm hoping a lot of people show up. Emma was a pretty popular kid. Ha..I'll post up if anything interesting happens. By god I hope she's fine. Although this may not be connected to what we're in. It could just be a human abductor. But what if it's not? I'm not ready to find Emma in the same condition as that other cor

Okay, not thinking about that. Sorry, that just disturbs me on a level no one wants to experience.

To turn the conversation around a bit, I'm still hunting around for that guy who got onto my account a week back. Still no leads, but I've been camped out in front of every major (I'm using that word lightly) area in the town. Nothing. I don't know who that was, or if I'll ever 'see' them again. I've decided that my search needs to take a backseat to more important matters.

Now. Here's to finding Emma alive and fine.

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