Friday, May 13, 2011


That doesn’t answer a lot, but it helps. Thanks, Lucian.

So…neither one of us know a lot about this thing. From reading through the comments I saw that someone said Lucian wasn’t the only one to have this happen to him.

There are others out there? We’re not alone in this battle right now? That thought by itself is enough to make my hands stop shaking from nerves.

I’m asking anyone who knows anything about this. Please, please try to help us figure out what this thing is. What it’s after. Why it’s after what it’s after. How it was created. When it was created…born…hatched. Where it came from, and how it’s as powerful as it is. How does it choose people to target? Anything. Besides Lucian’s experience, we’re both in the dark. Shed some light for us.

I’m reaching out to anyone. If we want to survive, we need to be on the upper hand.

Better yet, we need to find out how to kill this thing, tie and all.


  1. It is largely accepted as an internet "meme" known as The Slender Man. If you need places to start, try looking at Marble Hornets on youtube...though it may not be real. The other places to look at are EverymanHYBRID. That started as a joke for them...Now it's all gone deeply bad. In the way of blogs find The Tutorial, Make it count, seekingtrth/TheMystic and just another fool if you want to see how badly it ends for some people.

    But you cant kill him. If he does have some form of mortality I really do doubt that it will be you. Some people have tried fighting him physically, as far as I am aware one person managed to deal some wounds...but he was considered up with Zeke. As for how powerful he is... Very. Some speculate he may do his weird teleporty odd stuff using quantum mechanics and stuff, if that is true he cant teleport unless observed (if I understood that correctly anyway)so you may just be able to stare him out if you have enough willpower.
    As for where he comes from... some say he came because of the Something Awful forums etc, so many people making stories and pictures of one imaginary person that he took physical form, then again people also say he comes from the Black Forest in germany.

    The Tutorial will give you basic survival tips in case you have to run. I can't give much more information, do the research and you will understand what your up against more.

  2. You're lucky.

    You aren't dead, so He is toying with either you or Lucian.

    Toys live longer.

    As for information: General theory has it that He gets stronger if you believe He exists. Presumably this means if you research Him you're twice as screwed.

    Both of you are a threat to the other's safety and my advice, like it or not, is to cut loose the dead weight, both of you then have similar odds of survival.