Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, guess who popped back up on the radar.

After Lucian’s post Saturday  night, he (at least, I’m assuming it’s him) left a note on the outside of my window saying to meet him back at the park on Thursday evening. He said he should be “able to think straight by then.” He mentioned something about suffering from sound induced migraines, which I don’t really know too much about. Whatever, this is my only lead right now.

As nervous as I am about taking meeting him again, I need to take it. I’m not stupid enough to go unarmed, but I need to be able to have him trust me. I don’t like the fact that I’ve been having to keep all my suspicion on him, I honestly think he’s not doing it. If he is, he’s not willingly. The Lucian I know hates hurting people.

Still, I’m wondering how much I can do with this. If I get to talk to Lucian, and he can explain to the police what’s going on, can we find everyone else? Are the cops just going to laugh and tell us not to meddle in ‘adult affairs’? I have no proof that we found a body. I have no proof Lucian has a connection, to them this is all speculation. Hell, to me this is mostly speculation as well. Those cop cars are gone from the woods, but they’ve made no statement saying they found a body.

I would like to go to the forest again tomorrow, but I probably shouldn’t. Not by myself, at least. There’s just…something going on there. There’s something there that’s disrupting everything. There’s something there that’s telling me to check again. Yet I feel like it could probably be the worst choice to make…

Should I go out and check again? Should I just wait until Lucian comes back?

Why do I feel the need to be such a big part in this…