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Daren and Tanya (Part 1)

This post was written on Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 1:28 AM. It is preset to be published on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 at 8:32 PM.

Right now I...uhh, hopefully found Ray. I'm probably not going to be in a good condition, though. I...I should be fine. I don't matter, though. As long as I got Ray out of this mess I pulled him into. At least...for now. I owe him this much.

God knows I'm sorry.

I need to post this up while I can still...think. This doesn't make sense to you all. It probably hasn't. I'm hoping after this it will.

Okay. So, um. Oh, jeez...

I met Daren, almost a year and a half ago now? That sounds right. It wasn't too long ago. He wasn't the way he is now. I...I wasn't the way I am now.

Daren and Tanya found me asleep in the streets of a town in Arkansas. They took me to Daren's house. I was...oh god. I was 15 then? Daren was 16 and Tanya was 17.

When I woke up they were both staring at me. It was odd. Daren had this hardened expression, waiting to see how I'd react. I could pretty much feel him staring at me before I opened my eyes.

Tanya, on the other hand...

Tanya radiated comfort. All the fear I had, the urge to run as soon as my eyes opened, was gone. I...I can't explain it. It just disappeared. Daren noticed me staring at her, and the hostility in his glare increased by a tenfold.

They asked what I was doing. I didn't know how to respond. Daren tried to force the information out of me. Tanya got him to stop, and they left me alone for a bit. I was told I was allowed to stay and rest, but to not try anything fishy.

I had noticed that anywhere I was cut had bandages covering them. I was confused, but Tanya had explained that she noticed I was bleeding. She had put them on before I had woken up. She figured that it was better to put them on while I was passed out, that way I wouldn't shout in pain. Apparently a lot of the cuts were infected. I didn't care too much then.

Daren spent time talking to me, his default glare had started to soften. He noticed that I seemed to not be...very, well. I didn't have civil habits. He just figured I was some bum kid. That didn't really stop him from treating me normally though. God knows how grateful I was for that.

He talked about Tanya a lot. It turned out they had given each other promise rings a year ago and were waiting for the day they both turned 18. They were best friends growing up and eventually fell in love each other. I found it rather amusing that Daren was a romantic. He didn't seem the type.

I spent about half a month before telling them anything. Tanya had pushed this time. I had decided it would be okay to tell them. I begged them not to think I was crazy.

I told them everything.

I told him about this Slenderman. I didn't know His name at the time, but I tried explaining it as best as I could. How I've been on the run for....I don't even know how long. Days, weeks, even months blurred together as one very long Hell.

Tanya believed me. At least, she pretended to. Daren, on the other hand...he didn't believe me. He didn't say it, but from the look on his face I could tell. He thought I was crazy. Well, I AM crazy. But...I was less crazy then. Ugh.

So...I was allowed to stay. I eventually started helping Daren out with the work his parents had him do. I didn't really understand the schoolwork other then writing. I helped Tanya when she asked for it. I was actually happy. I felt like I belonged somewhere. I had friends.

Of course, that had to change.

One day Daren and Tanya brought up what I had mentioned to them earlier. Him. They said they had strange dreams that involved what I described. I was actually pretty scared then. The night before I had dreamed that one of them had encountered Him. It wasn't made clear who, in fact it was just a shadow of a figure. However...

I knew it had to be one of them. It was a gut feeling. A very strong gut feeling. I didn't mention it to either one of them, and they asked to go looking around outside, and that I'd come with them. I agreed. I had to. I didn't know what else to do.

God knows how much I wished I could have stopped them....How much I wish I could turn back time and stop us from going out. It would have saved Tanya. It would have saved Daren. It would have even saved Ray. I'd never have met him.

Tanya, Daren, and I split up outside the nature trail we were at. I mentioned that most of my encounters were in areas with trees. They thought it would be a good idea to start there.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god...

I smelled smoke. Trying to figure out where it was coming from, I was shouting at Daren and Tanya. I could hear Daren shouting.

What made me even more nervous was the fact I couldn't hear Tanya.

It was then I heard a scream. A mutilated scream. I ran to where it had come from, and I couldn't comprehend what was going on.

He was there. So was Tanya. So was the fire. I don't know how he did it, but the flames were kept at a certain distance, it was burning in what looked like a perfect circle. That didn't strike me as odd though, at least...not at the moment.

Tanya's blood was all over the place. Her blood-matted hair was over her dull eyes. She looked like she didn't even recognize I was there. He hadn't noticed me yet, either. I panicked. I shouted for Daren. I shouted at myself to wake up.

Don't ever, ever shout when you're in proximity with Him and he hasn't noticed you. He turned his attention to me. It was...just...

He turned his attention back to Tanya. There were...tentacles. I heard a crunch, and saw Tanya's splintered bone being pulled off of her. He was tearing her arm off. She...she didn't even scream. She...wasn't unconscious, but she was so close to being gone. I was about to be sick.

This is when Daren ran in. He froze as soon as he saw what happened. He didn't see that Tanya was now missing an arm, and ran over to her and Him. He tried to pry Him off of her, only to be sent flying back as soon as he got close.

He disappeared. I don't know how, but He disappeared. Tanya's body fell to the floor, and Daren ran over to her. He was crying. He spent almost six hours bent over her corpse. I just stood there the whole time. I walked up to him to try and comfort him, and I saw the total damage.

She was burned. Horribly burned. Her flesh wherever He touched her was burned even worse. It looked like half of her face had melted into her skull. Her hair was had blood crusted in it. It seemed wherever she wasn't burned she had blood covering her. The shoulder to the arm that got ripped off was already decomposing. I don't know how it was happening that fast.

Tanya's promise ring was her other arm, and Daren gently slid it off. He put it on over his own, and stood up.

It seemed his whole physical appearance had changed. The way he carried himself. He didn't have the flicker of innocence and affection that would penetrate his glare at times. It was like a puppy had transformed into a wolf. It was...he...he spoke for the first time. Five words. "This is your fucking fault."

He was right. It was. I was guilty. For everything. I started crying. He went hysterical. He snarled at me, telling me how I didn't have the right to cry. I didn't know Tanya. I didn't know him. He said he should kill me right then and there. He punched me in the face. I was knocked backwards. He kicked me in the stomach, and I shouted. He kept smashing my head into the ground, and I could feel myself losing consciousness.

Then he stopped. I was on the verge of passing out. He picked me up by my shirt and snarled into my ear. "You don't deserve to die. Not yet. Not until you go through what I'm fucking going through right now."

One sentence. That one sentence was the last thing I heard before he dropped me. I passed out, (at least, I'm assuming I passed out), before I hit the ground.

I need to take a break. I'll submit this to go at the time it's set to, but I need to clear my head. I can't think straight.

But this needs to be told.

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