Monday, June 6, 2011

The "Sign" Was Found

I still have no idea where Ray is. But...I know he's alive. It's a gut feeling. I think I know what happened to him...

“Keep your eye out for a sign.”

...The first thing that came across my mind was “What the hell is this supposed to mean?”

So I went out again looking for anything that would help. (Which...wasn't a good idea to go out alone. I don't know the area. I got lost for most of last night.)

Well, um. I found something. was one of those voice recorder things. I don't know technical terms, but. The thing was taped onto the back of a stop sign with the letter “L” spray painted onto the back. “Keep your eye out for a sign.” I figured this was what, the person on his account was talking about.

It took me a while, but I finally got the thing to play. And, um. It wasn't good. At least, it didn't sound good...

Looking back at more of Ray's posts, I'm assuming this was his. But, uh...I'll let you read what I transcribed.

?: Brat. Wake up. (There's about a thirty second pause before) DON'T TEST ME. WAKE THE FUCK UP. (The sound of something be hit can be heard, followed by a scream.)

Ray: W-what...

?: Shut up and listen.

R: You're....what's what's going on? (there's another thud, and Ray shouts again.)

?: You don't listen well. I said shut the fuck up, apeshit. We're making a little recording for that friend of yours.

R: How do you know Lucian?..

?: So many many questions...(another thud is heard.)

R: St..(he can be heard gasping for air.) stop kic...kicking me.

?: Shut up. It's just one command. You have issues listening. I will gag you if you won't stop your jabbering.

R: ..alright.

?: Now. How much of Lucey's past do you know?

R: ..Lucian?

?: The one and only.

R: Well..not much. He's stalked by this...Slenderman thing and he suffers...bouts of...insanity?

?: Heh. That's all he's said? (there's about a two minute pause)

R: ...well. Yeah.

?: And he just found out that there are other people being stalked by this guy?

R: ...why do you want to know?

?: Shut up. (another thud, I'm assuming it was a kick again.) If you don't answer my questions, I can use the bone in your arm to impale you.

R: ..sorry. Yeah. He foun...wait. Was the person I saw that night you?

?: You complicated things, asshat. I wasn't expecting anyone else to show up.... (another thud.)

?: Yeah, as if I'll answer your questions. Nice try, apeshit. should know your friend's history. Especially with me. It's his damn fault. His fault for everything.

(the audio on the tape is messed up for the next twenty minutes. When it comes back the other person is speaking again.)

?: Now, isn't that just great to hear? That fuckface destroys everything he comes in contact with. It's his fault I've been running for the past year. It's his. Damn. Fault.

R: ...Daren..why do you need me?

Daren: Because. You're close to that piece of shit. It will torment him. Either he saves you and goes into another crazy fit, or you die and he stays sane, knowing what happened. It's his decision. (the recorder is presumably picked up, because the next line is much louder.)

D: Lucey, I hope you're hearing this. You've heard what I said. Either you come find me and rescue your little pal, or he dies. Your decision. I'll keep him alive for a week, but he won't be comfortable. (another thud, and Ray howls in pain again.)

D: Tick tock. Time is running out. (Ray starts coughing.)

(the audio ends.)

...I don't know how he found me. I, uh, thought I had covered up my tracks. I would have guessed it was this damn blog, but Daren...he didn't know.

Ray...I'm sorry. For...everything that's happened.

Daren...I know you'll be reading this. If I ha...had known that this would happen to you...I wouldn't have ever...talked to you.

Please let Ray go. It's not his fault this happened to you...

Please stop...

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  1. We(i?) could help you if you give us more information about this "Daren", something, anything, maybe we can find a pattern in his behaviour and find out where he's keeping Ray or any helpful clue