Friday, December 9, 2011

I knew it was too good to be true

Look at Elaine's comment.

From what I've seen from her posts she seems to not really understand what's going on.

She thinks this is a story. The whole thing is a story.

It needs to stay that way.

I made an agreement with her that I'll stay until her roommate (Jennah, I guess) gets back. Until then I'm watching to see what's happening here, because something is going on.

What interests me the most is the gap in her posts between July and September, and the sudden personality change after her resurface. But what changed? It looks like she has something messing with her. The whole thing seems odd.

She has to be connected to everything somehow. She just doesn't know.

So I'm staying until Jennah comes back. I have questions that need answers.

I saw Daren again the other day. He tried to get my attention. He mouthed something at me, but I left before he could get closer.

Daren. I know you're reading this. Now. I'll say this again. Leave me alone. At least until this is over. I know you have the whole "hurt-everyone" philosophy but I know you're not working for Him. You're still one of us, in a twisted sense. Respect that.

I declare this area Switzerland. Neutral grounds. Deal with it until this is blown over. Capiche?


1 comment:

  1. You DON'T know what you're getting yourself into.

    We need to fucking talk. Right now.

    Next time you see me, don't fucking run away.