Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, she's nice

I guess I kind of disappeared off the charts for a while after that last post. Fucking sorry about that. Did I make anyone worry? No? Oh well.

I fucking never want to hike again. Especially through woods. Never. Fucking. Again.

Do you know how paranoid I was getting? I was afraid I'd turn around and suddenly I'd be trapped in fog, trying to figure out where the hell I was, and our favorite person would appear. Or that I'd see Daren again. Or the Needle girl. Or someone/thing/whatever I haven't ran into yet. I got to the other end, and after pretending I was Frogger in a high way (if you don't get the reference, you're too young for this blog. Just saying), dashed to the other side and found I was in some downtown area outside a Starbucks and Target. I spent the day walking around, with most people thinking I was a homeless kid. (Which, I guess is kind of true? I never really thought of it that way), and kept on giving me money. I have a wad of about $175 from the past two days. People are really nice here.

Maybe I shouldn't exploit that.


Anyways, this one girl invited me back to her place to wash up and have somewhere to stay this morning. She said the person she was living with kept leaving on trips, and she spent months alone. She doesn't want to be in the place by herself, and then said "I feel like I can trust you for some odd reason. I don't know, maybe it's the layer of dirt on your face..." and I blushed. I'll fucking admit it. So I'm now sitting in the living room in her apartment, using her second computer.

Oh, right. Her name.

Her name is Kristal.

Daren, I'm going to say this right fucking now. If you're still around the area, and you're after me for some fucking reason, get the fuck away. Or at least, don't drag her in. I feel bad enough as it is, I don't want to have to deal with some psychopath dragging an innocent into all of this.


  1. Hey Ray?
    Thought I might point this out to you. She has a blog. Unless you think it's likely that something almost identical happened with two other folks named Ray and Kristal.

  2. Elaine@
    It is interesting how young people involves in this issue isnt it?

    At the beginning they even use cat faces (:3) in their little cutie personal messages and suddenly replace them with coded messages or desperate SOS calls..

    At the end we are all jodidos for good.


  3. Can I just say this right now?

    You're fucking stupid.

  4. Make a move, tiger~

    It's obvious that's what she wants.