Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Internet!

Openings....god, I suck at openings. If you were expecting a funny joke or something, sorry to disappoint you guys. Although I kind of doubt anyone besides one or two of my teachers will see this, because I was told to make this for a writing class I'm taking. They said to keep a journal, and my penmanship sucks, so I was told to try a blog. They claim that just talking about what happened during the day makes a lot of stress goes away. I don't know if it'll work, but don't want to have issues with the class

I don't know how active I'll be, or if I'll suddenly ditch this once school's out for the year. It will really depend on how much I have going on. Today's the last day of Spring Break though, and I felt like doing something else besides watching my friends get drunk and making idiots out of themselves. I can do that sober. So this is just going to be me posting daily rambles, stuff about how much school and life can get pretty crappy, and things like that. Isn't that what blogs are for?


It would probably help if you know who I was. For here, I'm 'Ray'. My teacher knows my full name, and that's the only person who needs to. I'd rather not say my last name for privacy issues, y'know? I'm sure people besides my teacher are going to stumble upon this, and I don't want just everybody and Santa to suddenly knock on my front door in case I manage to say something really idiotic. Which I probably will, knowing me. My attention span doesn't seem to last too long. I get distracted very easily. I'll be talking about one thing and then all of the sudden I start talking about something else.

...I'm doing it right now. I swear it wasn't intentional.

Back to what I was saying. I'm Ray. I live in southern Indiana (har har yes, hillbilly central and what not. Be right back, I need to go dance to banjo music as I talk about how awesome my family's crops are.) It's pretty empty out here, with a population of maybe...ten people? I'm not sure....I'll need to take a headcount. I've actually haven't lived here for that long. We just needed a change of scenery, I guess. I used to live in Los Angeles, so the quiet isn't that bad now. I can actually go to move my arms without being afraid of hitting something.

Oh yeah, I said "we", didn't I? I'm 16, currently reaching the end of my Sophomore year. I'm currently living with my mom and dad. Thankfully, the plague of divorce hasn't hit our family yet, and my parents seem to plan on keeping it that way.

My email for this blog, (yes, I made it just for this. I went out of my way for you guys) is (get it? Ray of awesomeness? Like, a ray of sunshine, except Ray is my name, and I'm awesome? Eh. I thought it was funny...) so feel free to email me, I'll probably respond, unless something's going on that needs my direct attention. I might open up a Twitter or Formspring later on, it depends how much I want to get into this thing.

Spring Break. It was pretty quiet this year. The only major thing that happened was I hung out with a new kid most of the week. He's pretty cool, but there's just something off with him. I can't really explain it. Like, sometimes we'll be talking and then he'll start talking about god knows what, and I'm left wondering where he went, and why he didn't invite me...

I think I went over everything that currently matters. Let's hit the orange "Publish Post" button.

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