Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Back

Hey, nonexistent followers! (and Doc if you're even reading this..) My password got reset a while back and I just got it fixed. (sorry! amnesia girl, remember? give me a break.) and man...a lot of stuff has happened lately.

Jennah took off last week. Said it was a business trip. Pff, whatever. I highly doubt a..uhh...come to think of it I have no idea what her job actually is. Huh. Oops.

ANYWAYS~ I've been holding down the fort, and I've been doing a good job if I say so myself~. Oh, yeah! "Kris, you're so much chipper (haha, chipper. I need to start using this word more often.) now! What happened?" you're probably thinking...weeeeell...I guess you could say I got bored of just sitting around moping, hoping to suddenly wake up and have my head full of memories and eggs. Scratch the last part. I mean, trying to hunt around in ways to find my past is only going to hurt me, so why not just ride with the flow and see what happens down the road? I can't get stuck on this forever. Besides, it's boring just moping around.

So, yeah. Nothing's really happened. Occasional dream that creeps me out, nothing new. Then I can barely remember it when I wake up. Oh, yeah! I was snooping around Jennah's computer (what. I got bored. Sorry.) and found a window open with like...fifteen different blogs. Oh, I took a screencap, hold on, it's somewhere around here.

Ha, that was instantaneous for you, wasn't it? Took me like ten minutes to dig back up. Hehe...should I read these? I need something to kill time.

Apparently the blog urls are~


sooo yeah...this should be a fun couple hours/days. 

See you all on the other side.

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