Monday, September 19, 2011

Strange Text?

Alright, what the hell was that mess? Who the fuck is trying to mess with me? Show your fucking face, twat. You think you're so hilarious, don't you? Put in a bloody little 'hijack' bit. So funny.

I'm not taking any of this shit. If you want me, come get me you little fucker. If I ever catch sight of your damn annoying ass I'm kicking it to Thailand. Hear me? Back the fuck off or you'll be on the ground before you can beg for your shitty little life.

Because if I ever catch sight of you you're

                            nice                  why                     Remember
              that's                  do                          P                             scars
now           W             L                       ?
      Raymond very           fight                                             E
is                                            you           L                                             E
      This                             a               E   your

dead. Fucking dead. You will spend your last moments begging for the shithole called your life.

Lucian, if I found this was you trying to be funny I swear to god you're a dead man.

            true                    that

more                                        you

                         than                              is

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, i'm not good at this stuff... but i got this

    "now that's very nice raymond Remember your scars"
    "Why do you fight?
    "this is a game you can't win"

    Daren perhaps?

    and after this

    "Lucian, if I found this was you trying to be funny I swear to god you're a dead man."

    there's this
    "That part is more true than you think?"

    So Lucian is probably dead... wait what?!