Sunday, July 3, 2011

There was this dream I had...I just woke up and figured I should probably write this down as soon as possible, Just, wow. It....

I have no idea what this was. None. I wouldn't call this a nightmare,, I wouldn't call this scary. But this wasn't a regular dream. It was...there was just something off about it. Yeah, I said this wasn't creepy, but...there was...

I don't know. I really don't know. I should know, but I don't. What I can remember from the dream is fading. Maybe this is good, maybe..

Why is this bugging me? It was just another dream. Same as always. But...It felt strange. I just..hmm. It was different then normal. It's the only reason it's really standing out. I was dreaming but it felt like I wasn't there. It felt like...well, it did feel like a dream of mine. But I don't know. The only real thing I remember is seeing a person off in the distance. Very...very far off.

I was running to him. But no matter how fast I was running he stayed the same distance away. It was as if he was keeping the same distance from me the whole time. But he wasn't moving. I didn't see him move at all. He was just standing in some clearing. A break in the forest. It just, was...that...I don't know.

Shoot. I can hear Jennah starting to get up. What time is it? It shouldn't be late enough for anyone to be normally getting up.

Maybe her sleep pattern is weird. I don't know.

It seems I could write a very short list of things I do know.

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