Monday, July 18, 2011


Pretending that this doesn't exist doesn't work so well when the other person on this blog puts up a post with a link to a dead blog and you get an email notification over it.

I have no idea what he's up to, and I want no part in it.


  1. Dude, i know you don't want to be part of this, but you can't leave him alone! He's your friend, the only mistake that he made was trying to have a normal life

    You can't blame him for that...

  2. If he was my "friend" he would have told me about some redhead that could possibly hold me hostage. He was just looking out for himself and I was dragged into the crossfire. And now I'm stuck in said crossfire for god knows how long.

    I'll blame him all I want.

  3. For god's sake. What are you, four?
    Sanity is a /rare/ thing in this neck of the woods, /KID/. Yes, you're a fucking /KID/ and you have no fucking idea what's going on. He saved you, didn't he? Barely sane enough half the time to string together a sentence and he SAVED your sorry ass.

    And all you do is bitch and moan how you don't want to be a part of this.

    Ray. Things are going to get bad very, very quickly. And all you're doing right now is putting yourself in the worst possible place should that happen.

    You need to find him. If anything, so you don't have to face this...
    face Him alone.

    But hey, what do I know? Best of luck, whatever you choose. Because the way you're going?
    You're going to need all the /luck/ you can get.

  4. I may be a kid but I know when to fucking back out of this. I /could/ have an idea of what's going on if someone fucking /explained/. I mean, I have to look up shit about a tall guy in a fucking suit on the INTERNET just to know half of what's going on. Then I have some insane guy who's out to get the guy who got me into this shit. He wouldn't have had to save me if he had just TOLD me.

    I want out. What's so fucking bad about that?

    "Things are going to get bad," what are you, a drunk prophet? Fuck no, I'll do this the way I'm doing this.

    I don't need to find him. He left on his own. He doesn't want me going after him, and I don't want to find him either. It's win-win.

    All the luck? Luck means nothing when you have skill.

  5. Seems that you're preparing for something that you SAY isn't going to happen.
    "I may be a kid but I know when to fucking back out of this." You're kidding, right? If you haven't noticed, Ray, there's no in between. You can't get out of this once you're smack dab in it.

    "Drunk Prophet". Huh. Has a nice ring to it. But here's the moral of the story.
    If they can't find Lucian, who are they going to "look to" for "help"?

    Take that to mean what you will.

    But hey, sometimes we have to make mistakes to learn from them, right? Just hope you don't lose anything in the process.

  6. ok, fine, you don't care, good for you man, you're an asshole. But you should at least look for him, i mean he's being stalked for how long now? and he's alive, do you really think you can last as long by yourself? HA