Friday, April 22, 2011


Welcome back, creeps. It seems my attempts to get rid of you have not workeed. Oh well...I'm sure I'll eventuually succed.

Oh, what's that? You're wondering why my typing is more intelligible? heheheh. Well, Ray's forcing me to learn how to type this thing. I have to to learn if I have to deal with him.

Ray's been telling you about whats happening here.he shouldn't be telling these things. IT's bad. Bad bad bad. if youwant to remain emain happy you should leave this alone. Go away away away. I'm trying to save your life. I seem to be bad luuck. . Why? Why? I try to be goodd. Everything around me falls apart. whywhywhy

I'm slipping up.Sorry. I'm not going to retype this thing out for you creeps, though. It isnt worth my time. Um, I mean isn't. There, I corrected. leave mea lone now. alone. fucking go. go.         go.

Wellwell, creeps, Ray’s telling me to wrap up the damn post sow e can “go out and try to look for clues”. We should probably be looking for some blue paw prints, right? No? I will. (what's that showsname again?)

gallop away. galloping away. HAHAHA