Thursday, April 28, 2011



I haven’t doubted you once. Whatever you say, I nod, accept, and move on. But frankly? This last…thing was too much. I have no words for it, and I can’t just shrug what happened, what you did, off. It’s not right, man. The fact that you’ve been avoiding me since then has been making me even more suspicious.

I don’t know what’s going on in your head, or out here. It seems like I don't know anything at all lately. Just stop. Nothing weird has happened before you came here. We didn’t have students disappear. We didn’t have that spontaneous thick fog either. We didn’t have people start to bleed and act robotic, then suddenly cackle like a madman and faint. We didn't have bodies so mutilated it got to the point where you could barely recognize them, and you wish you didn't. We didn’t have anything strange happen.

Whatever you’re connected to, I need an explanation. That abductor? I could have just shrugged it off if it wasn’t for your behavior. That...body? I would have just assumed you found it if it wasn’t for the way you acted I could have thought it wasn’t connected if it wasn't for you making it obviously clear you have some sort of connection.

Please stop avoiding me. I need an explanation. I know you’ve been checking this. I'm not stupid.

Don’t make me think you’re the cause of this. I really don’t want to. You need some help. Major help. Just put a rest to everything. Tell me what's going on.

Is this connected to the mob? Were you placed under witness protection program to hide from whomever is doing this?


Does someone want to kill you?

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