Monday, April 4, 2011

Not Your Normal Monday

Mondays. They're the "dentists" of the week. No one wants them, everybody hates them. It causes nothing but pain and bad news. Ugh...

Okay, so today was weird. Not just your normal, run-of-the-mill crappy Monday, it was just plain weird. The day started off pretty normal, although it was pretty stormy. Up until about lunch, it stayed that way. Long story short - apparently there was an intrusion in the school.

They said there was an intruder, but if there was, the intruder must have disappeared into thin air. A couple of kids reported seeing a man standing around outside the school, and no one saw him move. Then somewhere else, another person would spot him.

If this wasn't bad enough, during 6th period, he "got in to the school." Yeah. Personally, I'm calling bull on this. The first kid who reported this "intrusion" has a history for not being the most honest kid ever. It was most likely his brilliant idea for a late April Fool's Day prank. And it almost seemed legit when he had said his friends had taken pictures with their phones. The result was something I shouldn't have wasted my time looking into, though; the pictures were just the outside of the school. Nothing out of the ordinary about that.

I was pretty spooked during it happened; I mean, someone got into the school. That in itself would be enough to make you want to crap your pants. But some guy that seems to move really fast? Come on, that sounds like something you'd see in a really bad comic.

It seems the county here were also testing their tornado sirens today. It made today stranger (which I thought would be impossible), but Lucian looked like a kicked dog every time it went off. He seemed very creeped out, which I would think is nearly impossible considering his personality. I tried getting a hold of him when we got home, but he wouldn't answer the door. I hope he's okay.

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