Friday, April 29, 2011


Two more kids disappeared last night.

Apparently it was in broad daylight. The couple decided to stay a bit behind everyone else so they could have some “alone time”. After about half an hour, everyone else realized they were taking too long. They went back to check and see what happened, and the only thing they found was the guy’s shirt. They spent the rest of the afternoon looking for them, but they’re now declared missing.

As bad as I feel about more kids disappearing, I can’t help but be amused they were caught while they were making love. I know, I know. I’m burning in hell for the rest of my life for chuckling at this, but trust me; I am taking this very seriously. I’m trying to find the root of the problem, which seems to be pointing at Lucian.

I just can’t figure out where he would have disappeared to. I only saw him once after last Friday afternoon, and he was skirting around the park muttering about something. When I tried to get his attention he ran off, and I eventually lost him.

The schools are still closed, but we’ve still had to do work that the teachers have assigned through email. I don’t know what they’re going to do when the time for finals come around. There’s no way they’d trust us to take a test on a computer by ourselves. I hope they’re smarter then that. Though finals should be the last thing on everyone's minds right now. I don't mind having to spend a week at school in late June if it means everyone is safe again.

Everyone’s just been really on edge lately. As of now, six kids are gone. One body has popped up, (I don’t even think that anyone besides us have seen. I tried reporting it, but the police said they were already searching the forest. They’ve had cars parked outside for days; they should have been able to find what we found by now.)

Lucian. Please, please say something. Anything. You can’t just do what you did and stop having human contact. As messed up as you are right now, just say anything. This needs to stop.

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