Monday, April 25, 2011

To My Previous Post...

Words cannot describe what I'm feeling right now. Anger? Sorrow? Frustration? It's not any of these. I've finally calmed down though, I've apparently been pretty hysterical for the past two days. (Oh yeah, late Happy Easter. It's safe to say that ours wasn't a normal one.) Okay. Where to begin...

Alright, so after Lucian posted up, we went out. It was about, oh, what? 3:00 in the afternoon, if I remember correctly. Not having a clue where to look around for any hints at human life, we checked around the woods outside the town. It was the only place there could be any hiding spots, and at the time I thought it was a really smart idea. Lucian just shook his head, muttered something under his breath, and followed in after me. The time was about 4:30 in the afternoon, I believe.

As soon as we entered it seemed off. What was once a sunny day because cloudy and misty wisps of fog traveled throughout the trees. Shrugging it off as just Indiana's weather being Indiana's weather, Lucian and I split up the forest into two sections. We each had two hunting knives, a flashlight, (I didn't know how dark it was going to be in there.), and a bottle of water. We agreed to meet back up in an hour, and went our separate ways.

About half an hour into the search, (according to my watch, at least), the fog worsened, enough to where I couldn't see five feet in front of me without my flashlight. I was a little worried, but I went further along. It was at this point where I had this feeling like I was walking in circles. What was worse, though, was I felt like I was being watched; and about every five minutes or so I would hear a bush rustle, and spin around to find nothing. I spent a good amount of time looking around for any animals, but there was nothing there.

My paranoia increasing, I tried to head back to where Lucian and I split up, and was going to wait for him to get back. Stumbling over the fog hidden roots, I managed to find myself in a clearing that I didn't remember ever being in before. Turning around to head back to where I was, my light passed along a moving shadow. I heard another rustle, and called out

Lucian?” No response was given. I sighed, thinking that it was just my paranoia and left the clearing, I went back to searching for someone, anyone. By now it felt like a different search, though. What was before a search to find four missing people had turned into a search for me to find anyone I knew. I had never felt so alone before. It was as if the fog was cutting me off from everybody else, isolating me in a cloak of fear.

Almost screaming for anybody to find me, I almost wet my pants when I heard

...Ray” from behind the trees. Spinning around to confront the voice, I found a very calm looking Lucian staring at me, with blood running from his mouth. “Follow me,” he said, almost trance like. Never being happier to find a face I recognized, I didn't hesitate to question Lucian's mannerisms. Falling into stride after him, it felt as if we had walked almost the whole length of the forest before Lucian finally stopped in the same clearing I left just what seemed like a minute ago. Raising one arm, he wiped his mouth before saying, “Look there.” Now worried with his behavior, I did as he said and shone my light on the tree he pointed at. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary, I looked over to him and just shrugged.

It's a tree. What's so special about it?” I asked him. He lowered his arm, and I did the same with my light. What I discovered must have been...the most mutilated thing I had ever seeing. My brain didn't register what it was at first. Upon realizing it was one of my classmates that had disappeared, however with a radically different appearance, I went to shout for help, my voice being caught in my throat. I took a step closer for a more detailed inspection, and saw that he was naked, dried out skin peeling so badly it was just falling off in clumps. His abdomen was ripped open, his insides hollowed out. All his organs, tissues, everything but his bones, were removed.

An empty cackle echoed through the clearing, and I realized it was Lucian. Slowly turning back around, my gaze met with his before he simply mouthed,

Help me.” His eyes then rolled into the back of his head, his jaw dropped open, and he fell to the floor, unconscious.

It was by this point my head wouldn't shut up. I had so many thoughts running together they were starting to mesh, almost become distorted, the last thing I clearly remembered was looking down at my watch again. It was frozen at 4:30 pm.

It was at this point I'm pretty sure I passed out. I woke up in my bed in different clothes, and everything I had brought were spread out on my desk neatly. I checked my watch again, and it was working. It was about 2:30 in the morning, and I pulled open my laptop to post my last entry.

I'm confused as fuck right now. This feels like a nightmare, but I keep pinching myself to wake up. It's not working.

I'm going to Lucian's later to ask what the hell happened to him.


  1. Have you heard anything about what this intruder might have looked like?

    Have you contacted the authorities about your discovery?

    Is there anyway to contact just one of you?

    -A Friend

  2. The only ones who have said anything about getting a good look are the four missing...or, urgh...dead kids.

    I went back to the woods this morning to find the entrance closed off and police cars surrounding the entrance. Someone else must have stumbled upon the body as well. God, the poor kid. No one deserves a fate like that..

    I have an email, and I set up one for Lucian to make his blogger account. Mine is (I thought it was a good pun at the time...) and Lucian's is