Sunday, April 17, 2011


How the fuck do four kids just disappear like that? I. Don't. Get. It.

It’s not even like they’re playing hooky or anything either, they didn't take anything with them. My mind is reeling; this town is small, we know each other. We would have noticed a new face by now. Is abduction really a plausible theory?

The police are wondering if the four kids had actually belonged to some sort of cult, since it would match other disappearances over the years. Yeah, right. A cult here? That would be near impossible. We would have noticed a group of people acting strange by now. It seems our lovely police force is starting to give up, and now they’re just spitting out ideas. Not that I blame them, this thing is reaching the two week point. Or is it three? Time is going by too fast, and it's not good.

School’s now been officially closed, and the administration isn’t sure when it’s going to reopen. Nobody can focus right now, hell, the whole county is acting like a chicken with its head cut off. (Ugh, bad mental image, sorry.)

Christ. What the fuck happened? Were they serious? Was this a planned murder-suicide? (Even so, how do you make the bodies disappear?...)

If there is an abductor out there, and if you just happen to be reading this? Please, stop. Return everyone who you kidnapped, and turn yourself in. You’re causing a lot of pain and grief. Why would you do something like this? Is this your idea of a sick joke? It’s not funny, not at all.

God. I wonder if they're still alive.

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