Friday, April 1, 2011


you know what i hate. the internet. everyone out there is a creep who just reads and watches things because they can. for their amusement. you know i also hate bats. theyre a rat and a bird. just make up your fucking mind. i think whoever created this world accidentally made a smear and turned them them into that fucking thing. really? someone should go and cut off all their wings. heheh chop chop chop cut them right off. too bad they dont survive. dead rats.

why did ray insist i do this. i was fine with writing. at least with that you can scrib ble on the pages and shit. i can't do fucks worth on anything with this thing it seems. heheheh i guess i could try to but only when ray isnt here.

i dont wan.t to to do this i dont want people watching me. i dont want to watch please ple stop. im not going to ask again.

stop reading. stopp readinng.

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