Sunday, April 3, 2011


 fuck fuck i'm back. oh, ray's telling me to hit this shiFt key. Oooh, it makes a capital Letter. HAHAHA shift.

Ray is telling me hes going to teach me how to use this box. See that? Capital letters. I already learned more today then I did at school. School, fuck fuck fuck school. Its just a cage for people. You can cant just keep people there like that. It's not not right. Not at all.

Thhis place is so boring so boring boring. Maybe ill move somewhere else. Hahaha. Justrun away in the middle of the night and leave ray wondering where I went. That would be fun. hahaha. so fun. creeps creeps why are you still reading me. did you exit out of this? you dont want to be reading this. the more attention i get the more baad things happen. you are only meant to give me entertainment. i dont do anything for you. goawaycomeagainanotherday.


Okay, this is Ray taking the laptop from Lucian. Again, I apologize about his grammar...and lack of computer abilities, but he's slowly learning. I think I have some typing software lying around somewhere in my basement I can install. It should help him. I'm hoping his next post shows major improvement.

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